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How to translate from the howtopedia English to another language

You will need:

  • the page
  • the page
  • a double column table in a word document to ameliorate the Google translation and clean the WIKI syntax

Start on howtopedia

  1. Look for a popular page to be translated: To_Do_List

( ! ) around 90 articles have already been translated from English to Spanish by Practical Action, consult Category:Practical Action Spanishand the following list!
( ! ) Please add the following tags to the articles that you are working on to avoid duplication efforts:

  1. Articles being translated: place this tag {{English Translation}} for example, at the bottom of the article being translated and remove it when you are finished with the translation.
  2. Translations needing a review: add the tag [[Category:English Review]] for example, to the newly translated article.
  1. Go to the Editing window of your article, and copy the content, incl. the WIKI syntax.

On Google Translate and Text editor (Word for ex.)

  1. Go on Google Translate and paste the original content it the window ( Select languages and execute the command.
  2. Copy the result from the Google translator
  3. Paste the two versions (original & Google translation) of the article in your word document :
    1. one language in each column of the table. This will help you to compare the two languages, check for errors in the grammar and meaning as well as check that the wiki syntax was not altered by the Google tool.

On howtopedia

How to...

  1. copy the content from your word document and paste in the new howtopedia article
  2. verify that titles, tables and images appear in the right way in the new article.
  3. Try to find the corresponding articles in other languages that you speak of course and copy the exact articles titles with this syntax at the very end of the article:

[[fr:French Article Title]] [[en:English Article Title]] [[es:Spanish Article Title]] [[ar:...]] [[bn:...]] [[hi:...]] [[jv:...]] [[pt:...]] [[ru:...]] [[sw:...]] [[ta:...]] [[zh:...]]