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  1. Energy (Overview)

Wood / Biomass Power

  1. Biomass (Technical Brief)
  2. Biomass and Liquid Biofuel (Technical Brief)
  3. How to Build the ARTI Compact Biogas Digestor
  4. How to Build the Vacvina Biogas Digestor
  5. How to Use Biogas
  6. How to Make Charcoal
  7. How to Build a Clean Dung-Burning Stove

Water Power

  1. How to Use Water Power
  2. How to Plan a Micro Hydro-power Plant
  3. Renovation & Modernisation of a Hydro Plant
  4. How to Build a "Water Motor"

Wind Power

  1. How to Use Energy from the Wind
  2. How to Generate Wind Electricity (Principles)
  3. How to Plan a Small Wind Turbine
  4. How to Build a Small Wind Turbine
  5. How to Build Small Educational Wind Turbine
  6. How to Build a Windpump (Principles)

Sun Power

  1. How to Use Sun Power
  2. How to Use Photovoltaic Energy
  3. How to Plan a Micro Sun-power Plant
  4. How to Heat Water with Sun Power
  5. How to Plan Solar Collectors
  6. How to Build Solar Collectors
  7. How to Build Solar Dryers
  8. How to Build a Solar House

Muscle Power (Human / Animal)

  1. Principles of Muscle Power
  2. Treadmills
  3. Pedal-Powered Devices (Overview)
  4. Pedal-Powered Electricity Generator
  5. Pedal-Powered Blender
  6. Pedal-Powered Food/Grain/Coffee Mill
  7. Hand-Crank Devices (Overview)
  8. Hand-Crank Electricity Generator
  9. Hand-Crank Blender
  10. Hand-Crank Food/Grain/Coffee Mill

Fossil Fuel Power

  1. Kerosene and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  2. How to Use Diesel Engines

Power Saving

How to Cook Efficiently with Little Fuel

  1. How to Cook with Little Fuel (Wood, Charcoal)
  2. How to Build an Efficient Wood Oven
  3. Improved Cookstove
  4. How to Improve a Three Stone Fire
  5. How to Improve your Stove
  6. How to Build a Winiarski Rocket Stove
  7. How to Make a Cooking Box (Hay Box / Hay bag)
  8. How to Build Solar Cookers
  9. How to Build the Vacvina Biogas Digestor


  1. How to Provide Electricity in Rural Areas-Principles-
  2. How to Provide Lighting in Rural Areas-Principles-
  3. How to Store Electricity in Batteries

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