Agriculture and Soil Conservation

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How to Fight Soil Erosion

  1. How to Fight Sandy Soil Erosion
  2. How to Fight Soil Erosion by planting Vetiver Grass
  3. How to Fight Soil Erosion
  4. How to Protect Cultures from the Wind
  5. How to Restore Soil
  6. How to Stop Gullies on Eroded Slopes
  7. How to Re-vegetalize Land Using Seed Balls

How to Build a Small Scale Irrigation System

  1. How to Install Drip Technologies
  2. Micro Irrigation
  3. How to Use the Porous Clay Pots and Pipes System

How to Build a Low-cost Greenhouse

  1. How to Build a Low-cost Poly-house

How to Fertilize with Compost and Organic Matter

  1. How to Compost Manure
  2. How to Grow Earth Worms
  3. How to Improve Soil Quality with Earth Worms
  4. How to Improve Soil Quality with Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculation
  5. How to Improve Soil Quality with Volcanic Ashes and Stones
  6. How to Make and use a Worm Farm
  7. How to Prepare Natural Fertilizer
  8. How to Start Composting
  9. How to Home Compost
  10. What to Compost

Weeds and Pest Control

  1. How to Control Termite without Chemicals
  2. How to Control Weeds and Pathogens with Soil Solarization
  3. How to Protect Plantations Against Elephants
  4. How to Use Chillies as a Natural Pesticide
  5. How to Use Garlic as a Natural Pesticide
  6. How to Use Neem as a Natural Pesticide

Different Agriculture Methods, Urban Agriculture

  1. How to Build a No-Dig Garden
  2. How to Choose from the Different Culture Methods
  3. How to Grow a Banana Circle
  4. How to Grow Potatoes in Tyres
  5. How to Grow Sweet Potatoes (Yams) in a Mound
  6. How to Improve the Crop Variety and Food Security
  7. How to Make a Donkey Plough
  8. How to Start a Container Garden
  9. How to Start a Vegetable Garden
  10. How to Start Crop Rotation
  11. How to Start Culture in Zai Holes
  12. How to Start Grow Boxes
  13. How to Start No-Till Farming
  14. How to Start Permaculture
  15. How to Start Polyculture
  16. How to Use Plastic Bottles in your Garden

Special Cultures and More Ideas

  1. How to Grow Allanblackia trees
  2. How to Grow Argan
  3. How to Grow Banana
  4. How to Grow Edible Mushrooms
  5. How to Grow Fruits and Nuts in the Desert
  6. How to Grow Marula
  7. How to Grow Moringa Trees
  8. How to Grow Morongo
  9. How to Grow Neem Trees
  10. How to Grow Oil Crops
  11. How to Grow Peanuts
  12. How to Grow Shea Trees (Karité, Nku, Bambuk Butter tree)
  13. Detailed Bibliography on Shea Trees (Karité, Nku, Bambuk Butter tree)
  14. How to Grow White Sapota
  15. Special Cultures for Arid Regions
  16. Special Cultures for Mountainous Regions
  17. Special Cultures for Tropical Regions

Cattle, Pork, Goats, Rabbits, Poultry Keeping

  1. Simple Hygien Measures for Animal and Human Health

Farm buildings

Need ideas for buildings and equipment? This site offers scanned plans for farm building and equipment developed over many years by engineers at Land Grant universities and the USDA; view the blueprints online for free (if a plan has more than one sheet you may just get to see one sheet)

Beekeeping and Micro-breeding

  1. Beekeeping Principles

Fishery and Aquaculture

  1. Gene Pool Protected Fishing
  2. How to Build an Artificial Reef
  3. How to Build Reef Balls

Agricultural Economy

Farmer Association and Cooperatives

  1. How to Collect the Knowledge of the Community
  2. How to Create a Product Distribution Network
  3. How to Start a Community Seed Bank
  4. How to Start a Micro-lending Organization
  5. How to Start a Small Cooperative

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