How to Recycle Oil

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This article is a draft. It was just started and needs further work.

Engine oil

Used engine oil may be burnt as heating fuel. It also can be filtered or centrifuged to clarify it, and re-used as lubricating oil, but not in car engines, for which it now lacks all the necessary additives.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oils are best re-used as food and in cooking. Its also possible to use it as a diesel fuel replacement in 2 possible ways:

  • as it is, as waste vegetable oil (WVO); or
  • via conversion to biodiesel.

Vegetable oil is also effective as a lubricant for short term undemanding jobs. Over time it congeals solid, acting more like glue than lubricant.

Animal fats

Animal fats in too poor a condition to be used as food or animal feed can be turned into soap with some basic processing.