How to Purify Water with Moringa Seeds

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  • Problem: Water purification, floculation
  • Idea: Using the floculation power of moringa tree's seeds
  • Difficulty: You will still need to pasteurize the water after treatment
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50-150 mg of ground Moringa seed treats one liter of water, depending on how clear the water is.

The seed pods of the Moringa should dry naturally on the tree before harvesting. Remove all the seed parts till the white kernel. Make a powder with a stone or mortar out of the white kernels. Mix the powder with a small quantity of clean water in a small cup and filter through a clean fabric.

Add the resulting milk to the water you wish to clear. Stir quickly for 30 seconds, then slowly and regularly for five minutes. Cover the water and do not disturb it for at least an hour. Collect the clean water from the top of the container by siphoning it or pourring it slowly.

Do experiment different amounts of powder and stirring times to find the best proportion for your water.

Moringa oil can be extracted and the left over seed cake after extracting oil can still be used for water purification.


You will still need to pasteurize the water after treatment.

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You can find more information about water treatment with Moringa on the Moringa network website:
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