How to Make a Natural Nail File

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How to make a nail file out of rough-toothed horsetail (Equisetum giganteum L.).

Short description

  • Problem: Nails grow
  • Idea: Use horsetail as a nail file
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Price range: 0 €
  • Used material: rough-toothed horsetail [Equisetum giganteum L.], Scissors
  • Geographic extension: Humid grasslands and coniferous woods in temperate climate
  • Competencies: none
  • Assistants: none
  • Time required: Some minutes


Rough-toothed horstetail is growing in various coniferous woods. Similar plants might be found in different regions and climate conditions of the earth. Rough-toothed horsetail is cut and can be used shortly after as a nail file. The stem is rubbed crossways to the growing direction over the Nailtips. Short pieces can be used more handy than long ones. A scissor works much better for harvesting than a knife.

Verwendung der Natürlichen Nagelfeile

Other applications: Nail file, sand paper, Sharpening of knifes, For working on fragile structures, Juggling.